NY, NJ and Conn Institue 14 Day Quaratine On Tavelers From Certain States

New York, N.Y. - Gov Cuomo back in front of the microphone today.

Speaking from NYC he was joined by the Governor Phil Murphey of New Jersey and Conneticut Governor Ned Lampont.

The three Governors announced a joint effort to insitute a 14-day quarantine on people coming from out of state, based on metrics in other states with high infection rates.

Cuomo said "It's just common sense. It's the spirit of community... We don't want to see the infection rate increase here after what we've gone through."

Cuomo also announced that he spoke with the Yankees and Mets today to confirm spring training will take place in the Bronx and Queens starting July 1.

Health Commissioner Howard Zucker is working with MLB on health guidelines for baseball.

17 people passed away from COVID in NY yesterday. This is down from 27 fatalities the day before. There are 1,071 hospitalizations, the lowest since March 19.

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