2 New Babies Born at Rosamond Gifford Zoo!

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo welcoming to new babies to the world! A baby snow leopard and a Humboldt penguin chick were born late last month. The baby penguin is the 55th Humboldt penguin born at the zoo and was named "Quatro" by Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon. There will be a naming contest for the female snow leopard cub through the County Executive's Office. The names were chosen as part of an "I Love NY" theme. You can vote for one of the following names....

Clove (Lake in Staten Island)

Garnet (New York State gem)

Marcy (Town in Oneida County and the tallest mountain in New York)

Olive (Town in Ulster County)

Riga (Town in Monroe County)

To vote, CLICK HERE.

Photo: Onondaga County Executive's Office

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