Local Officers, Firefighter Save Man From Jumping Off Bridge

Some scary moments this morning as a man threaten to jump off the Hiawatha Bridge onto Route 81.

Onondaga Sheriff’s say a Deputy, Syracuse Police Officer & Syracuse Firefighter saved a man around 6am.

Officers responded to the Hiawatha Boulevard Bridge over I-81 for a suspicious person type call. When Deputy Kristen Mullen got there she found a man wearing a speedo and cape, standing on the bridge, over the ledge and about to fall into the traffic below.

To make things worse there was a high, chain-link fence between the man and Mullen. She reached out and grabbed onto the man and held onto him preventing him from falling. After several minutes of struggling with the man Syracuse Police Officer Robert Jones, and off duty Firefighter Lt Chris Haley, arrived on scene and assisted the Deputy pulling the man to safety.

He was uninjured and taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Image by Лечение Наркомании from Pixabay

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