Syracuse Police Investigate Series Of Sunday Night Shootings; One Fatal

Four separate shootings late Saturday night left a woman dead and police searching

Officers responded to the first shooting on S Salina St around 12:30. They were able to pull over a vehicle that was attempting to leave the area. Officers say Da'quan Singletary was a passenger and tried to run away. He did not get far before he was arrested.

The second shooting occurred at around the same time on Rowland St. One shell casing was found at the scene, but there was no sign of any injuries or other damage.

Just before 1 am, another call came in on Ellis St for a woman shot in the midsection. India Butler was taken to the hospital, where she later died.

Officers were sent out for another shooting an hour later on near Skiddy Park on Tully Street. Solice say nobody was hurt.

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