Riots Rage Nationwide As Peaceful Protests Of George Floyd Continue In CNY

Syracuse continues to mourn in peace. State Senator Rachel May attended a local vigil for George Floyd. She describes her experience and gives an update on the nursing home coronavirus situation as well.

Despite another quiet night in Syracuse, the George Floyd protests and riots continue nationwide. We had team coverage from our partners at NBC News Radio. Bill Zimpfer shared what is happening around the nation while Nicole Wilson, who also covered the protests in Ferguson, shares how the situation in Minneapolis is different. Meantime, President Trump is labeling antifa a 'Terrorist Organization.' Michael Bower explores what is next for the loosely organized group.

FOX's Rachel Sutherland reports as well about some of the issues that New York City is dealing with some of the violence against police officers nationwide.

Paris Dennard from Black Voices for Trump joined the show. He have his perspective of the situation surrounding the death of George Floyd and the protests and riots that have followed.

I'm not alone in eating my way through the pandemic. Waste lines worldwide are growing! Dr. Mike Roizen says more sitting and emotional eating is to blame. Also, we discuss the likelihood of getting COVID-19 twice.

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