CNY Could Be Ready For A Strong Reopening!

The Central New York Economy was ground to a halt by the Coronavirus but there are signs the region is beginning the process of reopening!

Crouse Health resumes their outpatient elective surgeries tomorrow. Central New York's automotive showrooms are allowed to take customers by appointment with some restrictions. Crouse CMO/COO Dr. Seth Kronenberg and Mike Romano from the Romano Auto Dealers check in with updates.

Speaking of updates, Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh called-in. Before the virus the economic situation in Syracuse was improving for the first time in decades. The Mayor explains that there are still many reasons to be hopeful!

Outside of Central New York there are darker skies.

Mike Bower from NBC's NewsRadio reports that there is a mutation of COVID-19 that doctors are trying to get a handle on. This as worldwide anger towards China is rising over their response, or lack there of, to the Couronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Intelligence officials there are preparing for War. NBC's Bill Zimpfer explains.

A leaked internal FEMA Memo is painting a grim picture of the Coronavirus. Fox's Rachel Sutherland explains what was in it and gives the numbers some context.

Miss a little, Miss a lot!

PhotoCred: GettyImages

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