Good News Continues To Emerge In Coronavirus Fight

Albany, N.Y. - The number of deaths and confirmed cases of coronavirus are continuing to climb each day in New York State.

In the past few weeks, over 213,000 residents have been infected while more than 14,000 individuals have lost their lives. State Health officials say one bit of good news is the number of hospitalizations have dropped the last couple of days. New York is also in a position to give ventilators to other states that may need them.

In Onondaga County, a man in his 90s with underlying health conditions became the twelfth resident to die of COVID-19. The number of coronavirus cases is also increasing and have now surpassed 560. Thought the number of active cases is about even with the number of recoveries.

Syracuse alone has more than 220 cases, followed by Clay, Manlius, DeWitt and Salina.

Officials continue to say the pandemic won't be completely over in the Empire State until there's a coronavirus vaccine.

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