SU Men's Basketball Suffers Nail-Biting Last-Minute Loss To Clemson

In a nail-biting road game, SU Men's Basketball narrowly lost to Clemson 71-70.

Though the Orange were in the lead for most of the game, a last minute shot secured Clemson's win. The Orange are back on home on Saturday to take on #9 Duke- tip-off is at 8 pm. Dave heard John DiTullio's reaction, as well as his predictions for Saturday's game against #9 Duke.

As the basketball world continues to mourn the death of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, investigators are still trying to determine the final moments of the helicopter crash that claimed Bryant's life and eight others. NBC's Bill Zimpfer spoke with Dave about what investigator have uncovered so far.

And the Central New York Community Foundation is doing something it hasn't done before- advocating against lead paint in area homes. President Peter Dunn joined Dave to discuss why the Foundation is tackling this issue.

Miss a little, miss a lot.

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