"Green Light Law" Set To Begin On Monday

New York State is set to formally enact its "Green Light Law" on Monday.

The law would no longer require individuals seeking a driver's license to present a Social Security card when applying, which has drawn criticism for giving illegal immigrants a better chance at obtaining a 6-point license. The Madison County Clerk, Michael Keville, says he isn’t worried about undocumented immigrants having the ability to drive. He’s worried about criminals taking advantage of the weaker document restrictions that come with the law.

In Jersey City Tuesday, six people were killed after a wild shootout in a prominently Jewish neighborhood, with an active duty officer among the deceased. Matt Mallory of Mallory Unlimited LLC spoke with Dave about how events like those increases the interest in self-defense gun ownership.

And in national news: articles of impeachment against President Trump were formally announced Tuesday morning. NBC News Radio's Bill Zimpfer, as well as Fox correspondents Rachel Sutherland and Jon Decker all spoke with Dave about reactions in Washington, as well as next steps in the process.

Miss a little, miss a lot.

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