Man Caught At Hancock Airport With Loaded Gun, Second Time In 21 Days

Syracuse, N.Y. - TSA has caught another person bringing a gun to Hancock Airport, and it is someone the TSA is familiar with.

The Florida man was caught with a .32 caliber gun loaded with seven bullets in a carry-on bag at the airport today.

According to authorities this was the second time, the man has run afoul of TSA. Twenty one days ago in Ithaca, the same man tried to bring a loaded 9 mm handgun onto a plane. A TSA officer noticed the gun in the X-ray machine tucked inside the man's backpack. He claimed the gun belonged to one of his friends and he did not know he had it with him.

TSA reminds travelers that even those with concealed firearm permits are not allowed to bring guns onto airplanes in their carry-on bags.

No word yet on the identity of the person or what charges they face.

(Photo courtesy of TSA)

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