Gov Cuomo And National Grid Come To An Agreement

Albany, N.Y. - With 48 hours to spare, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced an agreement with National Grid to immediately lift the current moratorium on gas service in Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn.

National Grid has agreed to short-term way to meet the supply demands for the next two years.

National Grid will also pay a $36 million penalty to compensate customers effected. The penalty will also support new energy conservation measures and clean energy projects as directed by the State

Cuomo wrote a letter to the utility this month giving them until the Wednesday to respond to his threat to kick them out of the state.

National Grid has blamed the state's rejection of 1-billion dollar natural gas pipeline from the shale fields in Pennsylvania as the reason for the service issues.

National Grid will present a long-term options analysis within three months, subject to a public review process. The long-term options will be in place and functioning in Fall 2021.

Onsite With A National Grid Plc Power Transmission Technician

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