Boeheim Shares Thoughts On Racist Graffiti On SU Campus

SU Head Coach Jim Boehiem has been a fixture at the University for 57-years.

He weighed in after students began expressing outrage and frustration, even protesting, the University's response so far.

Otto's Army, the SU Student Cheering Section, was a no show for the basketball game last night.

"That could be one complete moron; could me a non-student, right? We don't know," Boeheim said as he also discussed the University nation-leading history in minority relations. "This has always been a diverse university. It has always been ahead of all the other northeastern schools in representation of minority interests."

Students are making demands, and are threatening to push for the Chancellor's firing if the University doesn't meet them.

Their issue, largely stems from the delay by the University is sharing the incident with the entire student body. The Chancellor apologized for that earlier this week.

Boeheim also waded into the impeachment waters! You can watch what he had to say.

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