County Exec Ryan McMahon Welcomes New Additions To The Zoo

Syracuse, N.Y. - Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon has announced a new exhibit at Rosamond Gifford Zoo , two African red river hogs named Nile and Zambezi.

African red river hogs are native to central and western Africa where they primarily live in rainforests and savannas. Red river hogs are the smallest African wild pigs, growing on average 40 to 50 inches and weighing 100 to 125 pounds. They are named for their red coat and their habit of wallowing in rivers and streams. The two came to Syracuse from the Oklahoma City Zoo, where they were born in 2018.

County Executive McMahon said, “Our community is lucky to be home to a world-class zoo. Thanks to the leadership of zoo director Ted Fox and his expert staff, we have unveiled a number of improvements and new animals, including our newest residents Nile and Zambezi.” McMahon said. “Our zoo’s contributions to global wildlife conservation and education should make every Central New Yorker proud.”


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