FAA Gives Approval For CNY Drone Corridor To Expand Test Flights

Syracuse, N.Y. - The drone corridor between Syracuse and Rome is taking a step forward.

The Federal Aviation Administration is now allowing drones that are being flown in the corridor to fly outside of their pilot's line of sight. Current drone regulations require operators to be able to see their drones unless they get prior approval by the FAA on a case-by-case basis.

The approval makes the 50 miles between Hancock and Griffiss the first area in the nation to allow this level of unmanned aircraft testing without ground-based observers. Officials at the test site were given the approval after they proved to the FAA that proper safety measures and technologies were in place to fly unmanned aircraft beyond line of sight safely.

Economic development officials hope that the drone business will become big business for CNY. New York State has invested $30 million into the drone corridor project.

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