Police Cracking Down On Halloween Tricksters

Police around Central new York will be keeping an extra eye out for tricksters looking to spoil some treats.

Troopers say there will be increased sobriety checkpoints, as well as DWI patrols. Last Halloween, state police responded to more than 1,700 vehicle crashes that resulted in about 250 injuries and three deaths.

Meantime, police officials throughout Central New York will be out making sure streets are safe for any trick-or-treaters brave enough to take on the weather. They caution parents to take extra precautions. The recommend children wear glow sticks, or hold onto a flashlight, to help them be seen.

They also only recommend welcoming kids to your doorsteps between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

What may be new for some is the appearance of Blue Buckets. These are most often used by those on the Autism Spectrum. If you see it these are children hoping to share in the fun but may have trouble speaking and could be a bit older that what you would normally expect.

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