Watch The New Star Wars Trailer

I'll be brief. My wife is telling me it's time for bed. She thinks I'm going to die before I reach a ripe old age because I don't sleep enough. I figure I can catch up when, as Yoda says, I reach my "forever sleep."

I'm a fan. I'm a nerd. But not one of those cool ones that can break this down for you shot by shot. I'm excited for this movie.

I'm still a bit let down by what felt like an unreasonable character regression that wad written for Luke Skywalker. I'm not convinced he's been killed off. If he went all force ghost or whatever shouldn'the have left his robo-hand behind? Though, I hope wherever he's going he doesn't show up without any robes...

Regarding the end of the saga; the way Disney and Marvel wrapped up the Iron Man and Captain America arcs in Avengers: Endgame gives me hope, as does this trailer, Disney's Lucasfilms will deliver.

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