State Announces New License Plate Design

Albany, N.Y. - Licences Plate Design Number 5 is the big winner of the license plate design voting contest.

It's an updated look to those old blue and silver plates, with a slightly different design and coloring.

NYS License Plate Design 5

The plate also features the state's official motto "EXCELSIOR" meaning "ever upward" in Latin.

Some are calling a stunning upset win as it was the only image featuring anything to do with Upstate. Most designs feature the Statue of Liberty. One design predominantly showcased the bridge over the Hudson river named after Gov. Andrew Cuomo's father, former Governor Mario Cuomo.

Others said License Plate Design Number Five was the only option because it was the only one featuring land marks from the entire state.

The new design will begin rolling out in April.

For those with plates older than 10-years they will need to pay $25 dollars for the new plates. Those that wish to keep their old plate number will have to pay an extra $20. Those with vanity plates will also face a fee.

State Officials say that third license plate overhaul in less than two decades is a necessary one and not a cash grab. The plates are designed to allow EZ Pass technology to more easily scan them, making way for statewide cashless tolling.

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