Onondaga County Providing Hyper Reach 911 Service

Syracuse, N.Y. - Many of us don't have landlines anymore, so how will a Reverse 911 call reach us?

Onondaga County is using whats called Hyper-Reach, a service that allows you to securely add your cell phone number to the Reverse 911 system.

The Hyper-Reach Emergency Notification System is utilized to notify Onondaga County residents in emergency situations where events have occurred and special instructions to residents in a specific neighborhood are needed.

These events could be missing person where their life may be endangered, emergency evacuation or shelter in place instructions, or other critical life safety information.

This system will allow you to receive notifications via landline, cellular phone or e-mail by simply following the registration steps.

You can see more information and register for the sytem by clicking here.

(Getty Images)

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