More Changes Coming To The State Fair

Geddes, N.Y. - The use of fossil fuels will soon be a thing of the past at the New York State Fair.

Governor Cuomo announced a new initiative yesterday called "GreenFair" which calls for the installation of solar, wind and renewable energy systems by the end of 2023. The effort also includes plans to cut down on trash and waste and increasing recycling.

There will be a new main entrance located on the West End. Gate 10, where the Centro Park-N-Ride is now dropping off and picking up, is going to be remodeled and styled after the ExpoCenter.

If the paving wasn't enough, there are still more changes to come to the Orange Lot. After the Fair, construction will begin on a new on-ramp to Eastbound 690. The ramp would eliminate the need for the temporary traffic light on 690.

A new pedestrian bridge linking the Orange lot to the Fairgrounds will also be built.

Finally, 2020 will see a new Sheep Barn will be built to replace the barn that was torn down earlier this year in the wake of high wind events that severely damaged the prior barn.

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