Lysander Man Charged With Boating While Intoxicated After Crash

Town of Lysander, N.Y. - A Lysander Man has been charged with BWI after Crashing his Boat yesterday.

Onondaga County Sheriff’s say 56 year old John S. Calpeter crahed his 16 foot boat around 2:30 on Seneca River near Kline Island. Calpeter was comng out a channel, when he hit a steel piling which is used as a buoy marker.

The boat ran up and over the piling flipping on its side and ejecting Calpeter and his passenger.

A nearby boat heard the crash, and came to their aid throwing them life jackets and eventually pulling them from the water.

The mostly submerged boat was towed back, to shore.

They two on board only suffered minor injuries.

Calpeter is facing BWI with a Blood Alcohol Content over .08 and several other charges as well.

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