Final Pair Of DOT's Neighborhood Meetings About I-81 Begin Tonight

LaFayette, N.Y. - The second to last neighborhood meeting to discuss the future of 81 is tonight.

The meeting will be held from six until 8 at Grimshaw Elementary School in LaFayette. The last neighborhood meeting will be Thursday at C-N-S High School.

After a large public input meeting earlier this year DOT officials have taken their pitch for a "community grid" on the road. The revamped grid would create a Business Link that would preserve the highway north and south of downtown but would still replace the section with street level roads. 481 would become the new Interstate 81.

Unless the DOT plans more meetings, the community that stands to be the biggest loser will not be receiving a visit from the roadshow. Salina Town Supervisor Colleen Gunnip checked in with Dave Allen about that and her concerns about how redirecting the interstate traffic would devastate her town.

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