Looking to Cool Off? Here Are Some Ideas

Syracuse, N.Y. - If you dont know already, Jamesville Beach is now open and County Executive Ryan McMahon has approved extended hours at Jamesville beach

Jamesville Beach will open an hour earlier,10 A.M. and remain open an hour later, closing at 7 P.M. at least through the weekend.

There are other places in the city you can cool off at.

The following locations will open from noon to 8 p.m. on Friday for people without access to air conditioning:

  • Magnarelli Community Center at McChesney Park, Grant Boulevard
  • Cecile Community Center, 174 West Seneca Turnpike

The Boys & Girls Club will open its centers at the following locations from Noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday:

  • Fayette Street Boys & Girls Club, 2100 E. Fayette Street
  • Hamilton Street Boys & Girls Club, 201 Hamilton Street

Syracuse residents can visit one of eight city pools that are open this weekend: Burnet Park Pool, Kirk Park Pool, Lincoln Park Pool, McKinley Park Pool, Onondaga Park Pool, Schiller Park Pool, Thornden Park Pool, and Wilson Park Pool. Hours vary by location and are posted here.

  • The City also has outdoor water features – fountains and sprayers – at nine locations:
  • Lower Onondaga Spray Pad (activated by a small silver button on both sides of pad)
  • McKinley Park Spray Area (open during pool hours)
  • Schiller Park Mushroom (open during pool hours)
  • Thornden Park Spray Circle
  • Frazer School Spray Feature
  • Union Park Spray Block
  • Upper Onondaga Park Spray Block
  • Washington Square Park Spray Block
  • Wilson Park’s Spray Block

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