Oneida County Exeuctive Says Its Time For A Final "NO" To Woodstock

Vernon, N.Y. - As the Vernon Town Planning Board is about to hear from the organizers of Woodstock in a last ditch effort to save the event, the County Excutive of Oneida County has said what he wants to see.

Anthony Piicente says "It is time this application to be unequivocally denied and for Michael Lang and his group to move on."

Picente released a press release today stating his opinion on the whole situation and calling the owner of Vernon Downs to taks for his comments about Vernon.

Picente took great offense to CEO Jeff Gural said firing back at the owner of Vernon Downs, who called Vernon a "sleepy little town" with "no future" if the town decided to say no to Woodstock 50.

In addition to Picente, Sheriff Robert Maciol released a statement saying that law enforcement has not seen proof that enough outside security has been hired, no proof that any K-9s have been retained to search for explosives, and no evidence that the festival can guarantee a system for communication between security teams or an emergency evacuation plan.

Picente said " their failure to plan does not constitute an emergency on our part. It is time this application to be un equivocally denied and for Michale Lang and his group to move on."

The Town Planning Board will dcided the fate of the festival tonight.

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