Fundraisers On The Internet For Slain Internet Star Are Not Legit

Utica, N.Y. - The Family of Bianca Devins wants to get the word out that at this time they are not setting up any fundraising site on the internet.

In a family statement released, they said

..our Family has not, at this time, authorized or set up internet or other fund-raising or donation sites for Bianca or in Bianca’s name.
Unfortunately, there are some fund-raising sites that have been put up on the internet purporting to be raising funds for Bianca and these are not legitimate sites.
The Devins/Williams Family will be setting up a donation site in Bianca’s name as a scholarship program for local students. At the proper time this will be made public...."

Devins was killed Sunday when her boyfriend Brandon Clark slit her throat and possted her pictures online.

Clark has been arrested and is charged with second degree murder.

(Getty Images)

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