City Of Syracuse To Start Getting New Street Lights Installed

Syracuse, N.Y. - The city of Syracuse is getting some new street lights as part of Mayor Ben Walsh's plan for the city to take over the operation and maintenance of the lights.

A contractor has begun replacing the street lights with new LED fixtures. They will move through the City from south to north, covering all neighborhoods changing around 3000 lights a month. Work is expected to be totally completed by the end of 2020. When done the City will have better, more consistent lighting city-wide, and the Mayor says will save the city about 3 million dollars a year.

Mayor Walsh says.." This project is one of the ways we are taking control of our future. With ownership of our street light network, we can reap the benefits of energy saving LED lights. , more than covering the cost of the acquisition. Even better, the lights will deliver better quality, more reliable lighting for neighborhoods. This will mean more lights working, fewer outages, and fewer maintenance visits.”

To see crews will be working during the next two weeks click on this link.

It will be updated throughout the course of the project.

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