Three Involved In Plot To Attack Muslim Community Plead Guilty

Rochester, N.Y. - There are plea deals in the alleged plot by four people from Greece to bomb a Muslim community near Binghamton.

Vincent Vetromile has pleaded guilty to first degree attempted criminal possession of a weapon as a crime of terrorism.

He will be sentenced to 7 to 12 years in state prison.

And co-defendants Brian Colaneri and Andrew Crysel pleaded guilty to second degree conspiracy as a crime of terrorism.

The fourth defendant, Nicholas Pheilshifter, is facing charges as a juvenile.

Vetromile, Colaneri and Crysel were accused in a plot to attack Islamberg, a Muslim community outside Binghamton.

They, along with Phileshifter, were arrested in January after Police were tipped off about the plot and executed search warrants at their homes.

Three improvised explosive devices were found and after being analyzed by the FBI it was determined they were capable of causing damage, injury and death.

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