Another Supsect In Chili's Double Homicide Pleads Guilty

Syracuse, N.Y. - Another suspect in a robbery at a Chili's restaurant that turned into a double homicide has pleaded guilty.

Jerome Pinkard admitted he supplied the handgun, giving it to his aunt, Tracey Brown, who then handed it over to William Wood. Wood used the gun that killed Stephen Gudknecht and Kristopher Hicks.

Brown implicated Pinkard when she pleaded guilty last month.

Pinkard will also be sentenced for parole violation relating to an earlier drug conviction. In addition to whatever that sentence is he will serve 2 to 4 years for the gun charge.

The only Chili’s suspect who has not pleaded guilty, yet Ronald Green, the getaway driver. Green claims he was forced at gunpoint to do the driving. He will go to trial sometime this summer.

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