Syracuse Police Release Updated Use Of Force Policy

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse Police are releasing an updated use of force policy and several other documents related to an arrest that happened last month that went viral.

Questions were raised following the My 31st arrest of 23-year-old Shaolin Moore on Grace St. Moore was pulled out of his car this month after he refused to comply with officers' request for him to get out. He was pulled over for playing loud music.

In addition to an updated Use of Force policy, the Department has released their old Use of Force Police, the never before seen policy on Body Worn Cameras, and information on how officers and citizens should act during traffic stops.

All of the information can read online.

Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner and Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh will not be addressing the arrest or the new policies until a press conference Monday at 11:00 a.m. There they will share the results of their investigation into Moore's arrest.

"The investigation by our Office of Professional Standards is complete, and now our Department is taking the required procedural steps before sharing more information with the public," said Chief Buckner in a statement. "In advance of that, we want to share additional information that will help to inform the discussion that will occur regarding the arrest."

Officials say they will also hold a community forum Friday, June 28th. The time in place will be announced later.

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