Parents Upset After Fourth Graders Hold Mock Slave Auction In Watertown

Watertown, N.Y. - A Watertown Elementary School Teacher has been suspended and the district is under fire after a mock slave auction was held at the school.

A fourth-grade teacher in Watertown was placed on leave after parents complained about a recent lesson. They say that the teacher had the white students bid on their black classmates to teach them about slavery.

The auction happened Tuesday at North Elementary School.

"The Watertown City School District has received complaints from parents that a fourth grade teacher exercised poor judgment in teaching a recent lesson," said a spokesperson for the district in a statement. "The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation into the matter. The school district will not be providing additional comments until the investigation has been completed."

In March, a teacher was fired from a private school in Westchester County for doing something similar.

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