Woman Caught After Scamming Elderly Couple Out Of $40,000

Oneida, N.Y. - State Police have arrested a Florida woman for scamming an elderly couple out of 40 thousand dollars.

Angie Rios, 28 of Miami Florida was arrested in Oneida after an elderly couple in Hamilton, reported that they recieved a call telling them that their grandson was in jail and to get him out they needed to wire the money for his bail.

Instead the money wound up in Rios' bank account in Florida.

Rios is now in Madison County Jail on $10,000 cash / $20,000 bond.

State Police urge anyone victimized in similar incidents to contact the New York Office of the Attorney General at 1-800-771-7755 and to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online at ftc.gov/complaint or call 877-382-4357.

(Getty Images)

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