Cuomo Declares State OF Emergency Along Lake Ontario Shoreline

The Lake Ontario Shoreline is now in a state of emergency.

Governor Cuomo made the declaration impacting eight counties along the lake. They are St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Oswego, Cayuga, Wayne, Monroe, Orleans and Niagara counties.

"We had after 2017 approximately 4,000 properties damaged," said Cuomo warning that the lake could meet and even surpass the devastating flood levels from two years ago. "If you are a homeowner or a business that was damaged in 2017 prepare for a redux of the same situation."

Flooding in 2017 cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Experts expect water levels to keep rising in the coming weeks. Sandbags have already been filled to protect homes and businesses from potential flooding.

Hundreds of National Guard members are now on stand to respond to flood related emergencies.

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