NYSUT Calls For An End To Computer Based Testing In New York

Albany, N.Y. - The State teachers' union is calling on the State Education Department to immediately fix what it calls "significant issues" with the standardized state tests for children in grades 3-8.

New York State United Teachers, along with some state legislators, want to end computer-based testing for elementary and middle school students. Officials have been pointing to the numerous disruptions in recent years. In some instances, students needed to sit and wait for hours before needing to try and complete the tests in a limited time. 

Teachers also want those time restrictions removed and are asking that students not be asked questions they say are inappropriate for the grade level. 

NYSUT also continued to call for a change to the benchmarks that determine how students are performing. Union Officials say the English and Math proficiency standards are too high.

NYSUT is also repeating their call to change the benchmarks that determine how students are performing. They say the proficency

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