West Genny School Board Braces For Another Earful

Camillus, N.Y. - More fireworks are expected tonight at yet another school board meeting of the West Genesee School District:

Last month, a 21-year-old stranger was allowed to board a bus full of middle schoolers. Tonight parents are expected to let their dissatisfaction with that decision known. It is the first meeting since the incident.

On Valentine's Day, the man was waiting at a bus stop and asked to be allowed on to be taken to the school to register as a student. The driver of the bus radioed in to his boss to ask if that was okay, and they said yes.

Afterwords, Camilus Police determined the man was suffering from a "mental health issue."

The district has been embroiled in a series of controversies this year starting in January when their long-time Superintendent resigned after allegations surfaced he was having an affair with a principal.

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