Former College Student Will Spend 2 Years In Prison

Syracuse, N.Y. - A former Cornell University student will spend 2 years in prison for making false statements when he bought several guns.

21 year old Maximilien Reynolds, of Rumson, New Jersey heard his sentence yesterday in Federal Court.

In March of last year, acting on a tip police made a surprising discovery. They say they found an unassembled AR-15 rifle, a gas mask and a homemade silencer along with ammunition, materials to make explosive devices, medical trauma supplies and a bulletproof vest, food rations and fireworks.

The sentence imposed includes a 3-year term of supervised release and orders him to receive mental health services and drug treatment.

He was a part-time student at Tompkins-Cortland Community College at the time of his arrest. Reynolds was previously enrolled as a full-time student at Cornell University, but was on an academic leave of absence.

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