New York State Senate Approves Reproductive Health Act

Albany, N.Y. - The State Senate has approved several bills today related to Women's Health and abortion. 

By a 38-24 margin, the Reproductive Health Act, the most sweeping set of changes to the state's abortion laws since 1970, passed

Approval of the tandem bills fell largely along party lines with Democrats voting Yes, and Republicans voting No with one exception Democrat, Sen. Joe Addabbo of Queens, he voted no. 

The Reproductive Health Act decriminalizes abortions and codifies Roe v. Wade protections as a State Law, should it ever be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Republicans on the floor expressed concerns over the language of the bill that it deregulates and expands late-term abortions. The Contraceptive Comprehensive Care Act requires birth control for both men and women to be covered by health insurance. 

After Senate approved abortion law, a member of the audience said loudly and clearly, "May all mighty God have mercy on the state of New York!" 

The sergeant of arms was called to restore order, then the Senate adjourned as planned.

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