Lysander Man Found Guilty Of Murdering His Wife

Syracuse, N.Y. -  A Lysander man, who spent hours on the witness stand Friday describing in detail how he killed his wife Suzie, was found guilty of murder today by a jury. 

69-year-old Pande Pete Trifunovski testified Friday that he beat his 62-year-old wife with a broken rail, then suffocated her. Then he hid her body in a storage unit. Trifunovski testified that she died within 30 seconds. His lawyer argued that, while Trifunovski’s attack led to his wife’s death, he could not be convicted of murder because he didn’t intend for her to die.

Trifunovski,  faces up to 25 years to life in prison when sentenced in the coming weeks. He remains jailed until sentencing.

(Photo provided) 

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