Syracuse Police Looking Into The Beating Death Of A Man's Dog

Syracuse, N.Y. - On October 26th around  6:30 AM, Syracuse Police responded to an animal cruelty call at 1017 N. McBride Street. 

They met with a dog owner, who reported that his dog was in the backyard all night and had been brutally  beaten so the dog died during the overnight hours. 

It appears that the suspect(s) may have passed through yards in the 400 block of E. Division Street to gain access to the backyard. 

Animal Cruelty Investigating Officer Cosgrove says this dog had been stolen the week before and the person who stole it was caught beating the dog in front of a store on North Salina Street. The dog was returned to the family. 

At this time they are not sure if this is something vindictive or if the two incidents are unrelated. 

The SPD Animal Cruelty Investigator has been working on this investigation and is trying to identify any possible witnesses or persons with additional information.  

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Syracuse Police Department Animal Cruelty Investigator at (315) 442-5336.  All calls will remain confidential.  Anonymous tips may also be submitted using the “SPD Tips” app. or through our website at

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