Feds Take Down 14 Gang Members In Syracuse

Syracuse, N.Y. -  The Feds have taken down 14 alleged gang members, charging them with racketeering. 

The 14 suspects are part of the 110 gang. The indictment accuses the gang members of two murders, in addition to robberies, assaults, threats and possession of firearms in order to control their territory. 

The gang sold drugs and used credit card fraud in order to make money according to authorities. 

The gang's activity in the indictment spans a time frame from 2012 until now.

The following people were identified today:

Daquan Dowdell, aka "Cannon," 27

Anthony Hopper, aka "A-Dog," 31

Javon Peterson, aka "Blaze," 36

Davon Sullivan, aka "Lil Squeeze," 23

Jamar Long, aka "Spanky," 23

Deshwante Waller, 41

Shaquille Breland, aka "Shaq," 25

Reddell Smith, aka "Renny," 33

Rashwan Wynn, aka "Wormy," 42

Qualik Vaughn, aka "Q," 24

Terry Linen, aka "Six," 26

Jason Lebron, aka "Rilla," 26

Kemnorris Kinsey, aka "Pep," 31

Damani Prince, 25

(Getty Images) 

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