Family Dollar Will Donate Unsold U.S. Flags In CNY

Syracuse, N.Y. - Officials with Family Dollar say that U.S. Flags headed to the trash will be donated. 

"It is absolutely our intention to donate the flags to various organizations such as the local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Boy and Girl Scouts of America and U.S. Military branch offices," says Family Dollar spokesperson Kayleigh Painter in a statement. "This process applies to stores in all markets."

"I think that's 1,000 percent better than throwing the American Flag in the trash can," says James McCandless who discovered the problem when the Shop City and Butternut Street stores refused to sell him a flag.  He reached out to NewsRadio 570 WSYR who confirmed that employees were being directed in their computer system to destroy and dispose of any unsold U.S. Flags at two of their 14 stores in Onondaga County. "I'm glad that they decided that donating the flags is better than disgracing it."


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