Syracuse Police Release Final Draft On Officer Body Cams

Syracuse, N.Y. - The Syracuse Police Department released their final draft of its policy for the use of body cameras worm by officers. 

The release of the policy comes in advance of the expansion of the body cam program later this fall. 

The police along with the city,took input from members of the public and advocacy groups at public meetings.

 First Deputy Police Chief Joseph Cecile said “We welcome continued input and also want to increase understanding of body worn cameras and the benefits and difficulties that video evidence creates. Public input and understanding is critical for a BWC program to be effective."

The 21-page document outlines requirements and restrictions for the use of body worn cameras; operational and administration procedures; and retention, evidentiary and legal procedures. 

The policy also provides guidelines for civil, administrative and public requests for access to camera recordings. “Other communities that have successfully implemented body worn cameras have seen decreases in use of force by officers, as well as a decline in citizen complaints,” said Cecile. 

Cecile also stated that “We’ll be measuring those outcomes in Syracuse to help us decide how we continue to use body worn cameras in the future.” 

The document is available online at

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