Gov. Cuomo Stepping Up Security Following Suspicious Packages

New York - Governor Cuomo is increasing security throughout the state following yesterday's incidents involving suspicious packages.  

Law enforcement will be doubled at key transit points, and 100 additional National Guard troops are being deployed.  In the Hudson Valley, a package was sent to the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton, while in Manhattan the Time Warner Building was evacuated when a package was received in the CNN newsroom.  Reports indicate both those packages may have contained live explosives.  

Just two days ago, a worker found a suspicious package at the home of billionaire hedge-fund manager and noted progressive donor George Soros.

Meantime, a suspicious package sent to the Governor's office in Manhattan contained computer files, and isn't related to others that contained possible explosives. Apparently, the package had a USB thumb-drive with files pertaining to the right-wing group The Proud Boys.  

PhotoCred: Getty Images.

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