The Race Between Tenney And Brindisi A Dead Heat ...Still

 Loudenville, N.Y. - The race in the 22nd Congressional District Between Republican Claudia Tenney and Democrat Anthony Brindisi is a dead heat....still!

In a new Siennna College Poll Brindisi holds a 1% advantage. The poll shows Brindisi with 46%, Tenney with 45% and 9% still undecided. 

Brindisi does better with Democrats than Tenney does with Republicans. Independents seem to be leaning toward Brindisi.

As far as favorability, Tenney is 42% favorable vs 47% unfavorable...same as it was in August. 

Brindisi is 46% favorable vs 37% August it was 44-27. 

(Photos provided)

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