Anthony Saccone Is Suing The County For False Arrest

Syracuse, N.Y. - The man who admitted killing three young people and is awaiting his sentencing, is going to sue the County for false arrest.

Anthony Saccone who has been trying to take back a guilty plea is filing a false arrest claim. 

Saccone -- and his wife, Rene Rizzo and mom Kellie Saccone -- filed the lawsuit in state Supreme Court accusing the county sheriff's office and DA's office. 

The incident took place in July when Saccone was out on bail. The police and DA accused Saccone of drinking and driving however they were unable to prove that he was behind the wheel and dropped the charges.

 Saccone pleaded guilty to the killing 3 people while he was drunk and high, but has since said he was forced into making that plea.

He fired his lawyer and hired a new one last week. Saccone is to be sentenced in November.  

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