Report: Limo In Fatal Crash Had Failed DMV Inspection

Saturday's horrific limousine crash in Schoharie that killed twenty people was in a vehicle that had failed its last inspection and driven by someone who shouldn't have been behind the wheel.

The limo failed a DMV inspection a month ago, which would prohibit it from being used, and governor's office says the driver did not have the proper license to drive the vehicle. The state is reportedly seeking a cease and desist order against limo owner Prestige Limo from operating until the crash investigation is over.  

The limo ran through a stop sign at an intersection and crashed into an SUV in a parking lot.  All 18 aboard the limo were killed, along with two pedestrians in the parking lot.  The passengers aboard the limo were enroute to a birthday celebration.  The crash is the deadliest transportation crash in the US since the plane crash near Buffalo in 2009 that killed 50 people.


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