Howie Hawkins Wants A Debate With Governor Cuomo

Syracuse, N.Y. - Howie Hawkins, the Green party candidate for Governor of New York, wants to debate Governor Andrew Cuomo.  However, he's having a hard time getting someone to organize it. 

Speaking this morning with Dave Allen on Newsradio 570 WSYR, Hawkins says he ran into the Governor at the Global Citizens Festival, over the weekend and he suggested that they should have a series of debates. The governor asked Hawkins if he was planning on organizing them. Hawkins responded he would look to do just that.

Hawkins is now hoping to get a media outlet to set up a debate, or debates and not allow the Governor to dictate the terms. 

Hawkins says he thinks Cuomo is afraid to discuss issues like the corruption in Albany, the $15 minimum  wage Cuomo ran on and the doldrums of the Upstate economy. 

Hawkins says he has been approached by one media outlet that asked if he would attend a debate and he said of course. They then said we have to get the Governor there, and Hawkins said "organize the debate, if he doesn't show up we will all point out his shortcomings without him there and if they had a series maybe he'd decide he better get there to defend himself."  

(Getty Images) 

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