Dunkin Donut's Owners Meet With Homeless Advocate

Syracuse, N.Y. - The man who confronted the Dunkin Donuts where a homeless individual had water dumped on him has met with owners of the Dunkin shop. 

Tom Santurri and Bob Alberti met with Al-amin Mohammad to discuss the incident and have come away from the meeting with plans to offer better training and education for their employees. 

The owners have also committed to go out with Mohammad this weekend and participate in "Sandwich Saturday" 

Mohammad posted on "we Rise Above The Streets" Facebook page photos and the following statement:

#SHARE Thank you to the awesome leaders of Dunkin Donuts,Tom Santurri and Bob Alberti . We had a productive meeting about what happened to Jeremy and they were compassionate and concerned. We are planning to come together to develop training and education for the staff through volunteer work with We Rise Above The Streets at Sandwich Saturday this weekend, and spending time in dialogue about the needs of homeless and impoverished in our beautiful city. One unfortunate event does not define the heart of an organization. Thank you for spending time with me to talk about how to move forward and thank you so much Helen Hudson for making this happen.I’m looking forward to building a relationship with you!#IfWeEatTheyEat

(Photo provided)

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