Sentencing Today For Cuomo Aide Convicted In Inner Harbor Corruption Trial

New York - A former aide to Governor Cuomo will find out today how long he'll spend behind bars.

Earlier this year, a jury convicted Joseph Percoco on felony charges of taking more than $300,000 in exchange for state government favors. He was found guilty of using his power to help Cor Development skirt labor union rules in the development of Syracuse's Inner Harbor. 

Percoco was considered, by Albany insiders to be Cuomo's, right-hand man. Percoco was the campaign manager for Governor Cuomo in both 2010 and 2014. He was also his Executive Secretary for a time. Governor Andrew Cuomo said of Percoco during Mario Cuomo's Funeral that Percoco was his Father's favorite son.

Prosecutors want Percoco to spend five years in prison.  His attorneys are asking for less.

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