Chili's DeWitt Candlelight Vigil 7PM

A Candlelight Vigil will be held tonight (Sunday) at 7:00PM at the Chili's DeWitt location.

The Chili's DeWitt Facebook page states, "We will be coming together as a family, a team and a community tonight to remember the 2 great men that we all lost to senseless tragedy. Let’s all show the love and impact they had on our lives. Let’s come together as one to comfort each other."

"Too close to home" has been mentioned by many on the east side this weekend. For me, this horrible nightmare was indeed, too close to home. I remember my first visit to this Chili's. When I moved to the east side, I had a coupon to get an oil change next door to this restaurant. I stopped in for a cold one and discovered it was two-for-one. The short version is, I couldn't drive home after my oil change. That's made for a good laugh over the decade I've lived on this side of town.

The DeWitt Chili's was a gathering location for many of my friends and colleagues. For many years, this was where a large group of us would gather following my Lite Loves Kids Radiothon in Shoppingtown Mall. For many years, this was my local tavern. Over the years, I was friends with many of the employees. The current GM is the brother of a longtime friend and former colleague. And so yes, this is too close to home. It's been a few years since I've frequented the bar, but I've remained connected to many of the employees via Facebook and my social circles. They're good people. And that truly makes this too close to home.

My heart breaks for everyone who's been impacted by this senseless tragedy. Perhaps you'll join us tonight. If not in person, maybe just say a little prayer for those of us who are hurting, grieving, and trying to make sense out of this senseless tragedy.


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