Three Oswego County Dogs Exposed To Rabies

Orwell, N.Y. - Three dogs in Oswego county were exposed to rabies when they tangled with a rabid raccoon in the town of Orwell.

The incident occurred near county Route 22 one week ago. 

Oswego County Health Department says the three dogs had current rabies vaccinations and were given rabies booster shots as a precaution. State Health Department testing confirmed that the raccoon was rabid. Rabies is almost always fatal to mammals once the symptoms appear. 

Vaccines for rabies can be given by your pet's vet. You can also get your pet a vaccine next week at a clinic by Oswego County at the County Highway drive in Pulaski.

Remember, anytime you suspect that a person or pet has encountered a potentially rabid animal, including a bat, you should immediately call your local health department.

Photo Cred: Getty Images


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