Toxicity Tests Of Skaneateles Lake Come Back Negative

Skaneateles, N.Y. - The algae bloom that led to the shut down of Lourdes Camp wasn't toxic after all.

Officials say that there have no regrets for shutting down the last week of camp out of an abundance of caution. On Monday Camp officials spotted blue-green algae blooms that could have been toxic nearby.

More Blue-Green Algae Concerns On Skaneateles Lake
More Blue-Green Algae Concerns On Skaneateles Lake
The Lourdes Camp is closing after another blue-green algae bloom was spotted nearby.

The camps draws their water directly from the lake. Testing by the State DEC showed that the water turned out to be safe enough to drink and swim in all along.  The camp is offering refunds for the families of the kids that had been planning to spend this week at camp.


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